Changing Life one Step at a Time

After I saw my regular doctor last week I made an appointment with my psychiatrist to discuss my med dosages. We both agreed that now that I’ve lost about 140 pounds that my meds may actually be too strong. She lowered one med from the highest dose to the lowest dose while keeping everything else the same. She said I should know in a few days if the change in the medicine is helping. If not, there may be a more pressing problem related to an auto-immune attack on my body in 2012. Fingers crossed that things start improving.

The side hustling begins…

After staring at a picture of this rocking chair I had taken at a variety store on Sunday, Monday I decided to buy the piece and have a go at this whole flipping furniture business.

So I bought this puppy for about $50. The “pillow” on the back is just something that another owner had fashioned to create a softer back rest. I loved the detail on the wood. I know it’s an antique, but I don’t know exactly how old. I will show pictures of the progress as I go along. I took the first layer off and found this fabric. Very interesting. I’ll update more on that tomorrow.

In other news I won the eBay auction for a Cricut Explorer Air 2 in a denim blue color. I can’t wait to get it and start learning things about it. I’m hoping to find some good deals on supplies online. As soon as the season starts, I’ll be hitting up the yard sales like a mad woman.