Let’s Start…

Comparison Shot

This comparison shot doesn’t show where I really began. I’ve been obese most of my life, and in 2008 I decided to get a gastric bypass at the weight of 290 after losing weight from 330. It could’ve been the worst possible time in my life to get such a life-changing surgery. I was diagnosed shortly after with bipolar disorder. I did of course at the time lose weight. There’s no way I couldn’t with my insides rearranged. I quickly lost weight, and in early 2009 I had lost 91 pounds. I wasn’t eating the way I was supposed to, and then I slowly started gaining weight. Before I knew what was going on, I was back to 335 pounds. I had suffered thru several significant life problems including my inability to keep working due to the bipolar, struggles with the side effects of medication, not taking care of myself at all, and self-punishment for the things I felt I was a failure at. My husband, BJ and I decided to become vegan in 2012 and eventually settled on becoming vegetarians in the end. We continue to be vegetarians to this day. I must say it has drastically improved our bloodwork levels especially our cholesterol numbers. I did try to start exercising in 2014. I joined the local hospital’s health center. I jumped in full force by exercising with excessive vigor. I ended up injuring my foot, which eventually required a foot surgery with a long recovery. I finally had decided I had to get to where I needed to be health and weightwise in early January 2015. I joined the online version of Weight Watchers. I slowly started losing weight, and after losing quite a bit of weight I decided in the middle of 2016 to stop paying for monitoring weight loss and downloaded the MyFitnessPal app for my iPhone. It worked just fine. It wasn’t until early 2017 that I knew things weren’t going to work for me unless I decided to start exercising. I started out by walking in my neighborhood. As the weather heated up I started walking on a treadmill I had purchased back in 2010 and had rarely used. I have now gotten up to walking at least 2.5 miles each day with an occasional 3.1-mile walk to show myself that I can walk a 5k if I wanted to. I also have started doing gentle Hatha yoga. I enjoy it and have plans on doing more as well as getting stronger in my practice. I’m currently at 206 pounds, and I am dreaming of the day I can get to underneath 200 pounds. I know it will come. This is just the first way I’m rewriting myself. I’ll get into other ways in other posts.



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